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Can I work in the US?

I am a teacher and I have been offered a job in New York, America, I am a U.K. Resident. My question is will my HIV status affect my application for a workers visa? Also will it affect my medical insurance, will I be eligible for medical insurance?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Medical insurance is offered to people who are living with HIV. However, like others who live in the US you’ll need to shop around and see what’s on offer. The premium is likely to be higher given that you’re positive.

If you’re moving to the US due to work, then ideally your new employer should offer you insurance. It might be worth asking them about this.

You being positive shouldn’t have any impact on your applying for a work visa. However, its always worth contacting the American Embassy directly. For more info about traveling to the US, please see here:



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Victor,

    You being positive won’t be an issue when applying for a work visa for the US. No you won’t be asked to do a HIV test.

  2. Victor

    I have been offered a job in New York. My company will apply for me for a work permit.
    My question is: Is an HIV test required when applying for a work permit in the US?

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Bry,
    Is this about an interview for a work permit? For more information about work permits and visas to the US please see this link.

  4. Bry

    Will the interviewer ask or pry about my hiv status?

  5. Simon Collins

    Hi Alex, I am not sure what extra info you would like. The Q&A service is about HIV treatment and so we suggested links to organisations that are more likely to have the information you want. Many HIV positive UK citizens work in the US, but this may depend on individual applications each time.

    Medical insurance in the US is also very complicated. HIV positive people can get medical insurance, sometimes through their employer, but contacting a US organisation (such as GMHC in New York or Project Inform in San Francisco) might have more resources.

    There is a good chance that you can sort this out, but i-Base doesn’t have this level of information for countries outside the UK. Even in the UK, we refer to other organisations for immigration, employment, benefits, housing, legal and other issues that are not directly linked to treatment.

  6. alex

    Please could you provide more information as this question concern a lot of people instead of referring to other pages or an embassy….it would be apreciated


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