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What will boost my CD4 count?

Hi i was given Atenaf 2weeks back with my partner, then we did blood tests..results showed that my CD4 is lower. they gave me winthrop,Nucotrim..do i need to take them both as they seem to do the same thing?And what is good way for me to boost my CD4 count?


Thanks for getting in touch.

CD4’s are boosted/increased by ARVs, therefore you’re already doing the best thing possible.

You’ve said that your CD4 is low, do you know what it is?

With regards to the other medications that you’ve been given, this is something that you should talk to your doctor about as they should be able to explain why you’ve been given them. They are however commonly given to people when their CD4 is less than 200.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Ilvitrim fights infections. It’s an antibiotic. If your doctor has given this to you it’s important to take it to get rid of the infection.

    It doesn’t interact with most HIV meds so it is safe to take it. But your doctor would have checked this first.

  2. Elizabeth myeni

    Is ok drink ilivitrim


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