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I’m not on medication, are my sexual partners at risk?

Am HIV positive, I have had numerous sexual partners but all test negative including my wife. Its now 12yrs minus any drugs but am still strong. Is it possible to have unprotected sex for more than 1year and she doesn’t test positive. Kindly advice as I want to save her so that she doesn’t suffer too.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Every time a person who is positive has sex with someone without a condomĀ  when they aren’t on medication and their viral load is detectable they risk transmitting HIV to their sexual partners. Therefore, even if so far your wife is negative she is at risk. Up until now she’s been lucky.

If you want to protect your wife, you either need to use condoms or start ARVs. Once on ARVs your viral load will become undetectable, when this happens your wife won’t be at any risk as the following explains:


You say that you feel well even if you’ve never used medication, do you know what your CD4 count is? Is there any reason why you aren’t using medication?


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