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I’m on ART, can I have sex?

I’m on ART, can I have sex? Can I also get pregnant even if I’m on ART?


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There’s no reason why you can’t have sex when using ART. If you’re viral load is undetectable, you can even have sex without using a condom.This is of course if you wish to. This is because when someone is on medication and has an undetectable viral load they cannot transmit HIV. Please see here for more info:


If your viral load is still detectable, then you can still have sex. If your partner is negative, just use protection.

You being on ART won’t influence your chances of becoming pregnant.


  1. Ntoe

    Hey Thabo u can still have babies n they can still be healthy n Hiv negative. Feel free to ask Nurses they will give you correct answers. Make sure you disclose your status to your partner so that u will both be in a same page.

  2. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Thabo, I’m sorry you sound so stressed. Have you just started using treatment? Asking the nurses can help you plan for having a family. The important thing for your health and your baby’s health is to get undetectable with HIV meds. Here is the guide to HIV pregnancy and women’s health.

  3. thabo

    hy. .Am also using the tribuss n my result it’s CD1,so my q is the are any chance the get a child. .and am 34yrs Man.am so stress and am scared to ask the nurses..please i need to know about myFuture of getting myfamily.


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