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What is the window time to take meds that will still be 100% okay?

I tested positive a year and a half ago and i started takin Genvoya (510) and been undetectable for more than a year,

I always read about taking the pill daily at the SAME time, i’ve scheduled my pill to be taken around 10:00 pm with dinner, but sometimes i feel that i am rushing and stressing to me able to take it on time!

Is there a period of time where the pill can be taken with 100% security that it wont affect the treatment?

If i take it daily between 9 and 11 is still considered “Same timing”?

Thank you so much, your site has been such a good help!



Thanks for your question – and congratulations will being so good with your meds.

There is definitely a window period that gives you more flexibility.

Becasue tow of the meds in Genvoya keep at very good drug levels for hours after your dose time, a two hour window will be fione – either way.

This means it would also be okay to take them anytime from 8 pm to 12 pm.

For convenience, it is better to stick to the same rough time, just so you have a good habit, But if you are late or early sometimes it will all be fine.

It also helps that you have had an undetectable viral load for so long.

It is important that you take Genvoya with a meal though, as the food is needed to boost some of the other meds. See info about Genvoya.


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