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Can I transmit HIV to my baby if I have sex with my boyfriend?

I’m HIV positive and pregnant. My fiance doesn’t want to use condom when having sex with me, am I going to infect my unborn baby even though am on ARVs?


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You having sex without a condom with your fiance won’t have any impact on your babies possible status.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Kat,
    The way that HIV positive mothers can protect their babies from HIV is to take ARVs. ARVs can reduce your viral load to undetectable and many women from all over the world have had healthy HIV negative babies this way.
    Having sex without a condom won’t have an effect on whether your baby is HIV positive. But taking ARVs and getting viral load to undetectable can protect your baby from HIV.

  2. kat

    I don’t understand your answer please be specific since am stressed about the hole situation.


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