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I’m undetectable and my CD4 is over 600, is this OK?

My CD4 is 657 and my viral load is 50, am I going to be OK?


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Your viral load is undetectable, this is great news. Your CD4 is also high. You’re doing really well. Your HIV is under control.


  1. Warren

    How close are we in getting HIV cure? I have been diagnosed with HIV two days ago and started ART treatment last night. I need someone to give me hope.

  2. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Warren,

    Its very common to think about a cure when you’ve just been diagnosed. I really appreciate where you’re coming from. Though there are many people working on a cure, I really can’t say, when or if a cure will be developed.

    For now what we have are ARVs, yes these need to be taken daily. They do however control a persons HIV, and help people to live a normal and health life. Just give yourself some time to get your head around your diagnoses. If you’re able to talk to someone this might help. Having a look at our guides could also help: http://i-base.info/guides/


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