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Does Atripla cause problems in a woman’s periods?

I’m having issues with my periods, is Atripla the reason?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Atripla is not known to have any impact on a woman’s periods (menstrual cycle).

However, changes in your periods can be caused by lots of other things. These can affect both HIV positive and HIV negative women.

This detailed article from Catie has a much longer discussion about HIV and menstrual changes.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Sadiq,

    I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding. I didn’t say there is no need to tell your wife about your status.

    If you’re taking Atripla it’s recommended to take it before bedtime on an empty stomach. Or at least not with a high fat meal as this can increase side effects. Please see this link.

  2. sadiq

    thanks so there is no need to tell my wife about my status .
    another question if eat meal at 8 o clock then i can eat ART on 10 o clock cos

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Sadiq,

    Thanks. The answer is that having an undetectable viral load means that you don’t need to use condoms when you have sex. The guidelines at the moment say that you should be undetectable for 6 months before U=U is 100%. But 6 months is likely to be cautious – guidelines in future will probably reduce this.

    So if you and your wife want to have a HIV negative baby she doesn’t need to take PrEP. But this should be a joint decision between the two of you.

    What does your doctor say about this? Perhaps you could discuss it with them.

  4. sadiq

    i am 21 years old i live in pakistan my viral load is undetectable so my question is that my wife will use Prep for negative baby when i do marriage . now i am single plz tell me clear .

  5. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Sadiq,

    I’m sorry this sounds like a tough time. But as Lisa says, if you’re undetectable you cannot transmit HIV when having sex without a condom.

    Lisa does say that your wife would need an HIV test if you had sex without condoms before you were undetectable. Please see this link to U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable)

    Where do you live Sadiq? Is there anyone at the clinic who can help support you in talking to your wife about HIV?

    Your wife can conceive and have a negative baby if you’re HIV positive and undetectable on ART. Here’s the i-Base guide to HIV, pregnancy and women’s health.

  6. sadiq

    thanks for response .no i dont sex with my wife . i am single now. but my family force me to do marriage they dont know about my status i am worry that how i will tell my wife to eat Prep tablet for prevention but my viral load is undetectable does she need for Prep to conceive and negative baby

    no i dont sex with my wife even i dont touch her

  7. Lisa Thorley

    Hi sadiq,

    If you’re viral load is undetectable you cannot transmit HIV when having sex without a condom. Please see here: http://i-base.info/u-equals-u/
    What this means is that your wife doesn’t need to use PrEP.
    With regards to telling her, this isn’t something that we can really help you with.

    If you were having sex with your wife without a condom before your viral load was undetectable, your wife is going to need to test.

  8. sadiq

    i am HIV positive on treatment for 8 months now viral load undetectable i asked from a doctor that your wife should use prep when your want to baby.
    i am worry about this that how i will tell to my wife about my status

  9. Roy Trevelion

    Hi AHM,

    Sorry, we are not doctors at i-Base. So it’s important you talk to your doctor about anti-malarial treatment. That’s because some HIV meds can interact with some anti malaria drugs.

    Here is a link to the HIV-druginteractions.org site that shows treatment for HIV and malaria.

  10. AHM

    I live in the sub Sahara region where malaria is prominent. I am HIV-positive. What is the impact of malaria on someone who is + and what medication is one suppose to take whether on treatment or not.


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