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Should I worry about my CD4:CD8 ratio?


I’ve been undetectable for a year, after being diagnosed, but I stopped taking meds a few months ago for financial reasons. I recently started a new combination and luckily my viral load was just around 300+. My recent lab results show my CD4 count is over 1000, 35%.

However, my CD4:CD8 ratio has always been less than 1.0, varying between 0.57-0.75, with my CD8 count ranging from 1300 to 1500. What does that mean about my immune system? Is it still fighting hard?


Hi there

Thanks for the questions.

The most important results are your CD4 count and your viral load.

Luckily, your CD4 count is now really strong and your viral load is getting close to undetectable again.

Because of these results, there is no need to worry about either your CD8 count or the CD4:CD8 ratio. Luckily, a strong CD4 count seems to be the most important of these immune markers.

Your immune system is still working very well :)


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