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Do I need to test again after 6 months?


I am male and 25 year old. I had unprotected sex on 7 August 2010 with a girl with an unknown status. After that, I had sex with my girl friend on 27 August with a condom but it broke. I had what I believe were acute HIV symptoms on 13 September. Then I I had hive tests at 6, 9, 14 weeks after my first exposure and they were all negative (Tridot rapid test). My questions are
1] Whether tridot test reliable after 14 weeks and at 11 weeks with my girl friend. Do I need to retest?
2] My doctor thought that I haD viral infection so that he has given me medicine regarding to it. Does that affect 12 weeks window period. Should I need to test after 6 months?


Thank you for your questions.

HIV tests are very reliable. Please see more information on the subject here. If there are antibodies in your blood they will show up if the HIV test if it is taken at the right time. So if your tests are negative, be grateful for that.


  1. Lisa Thorley
  2. siambango

    I tested negative in October. I’ve not had any risky exposures since. I’m not feeling too well. Do I have HIV?

  3. Roy Trevelion

    We no longer answer questions about transmission and testing. This information service is for people who are HIV positive, and it’s about HIV treatment.

    Most questions about transmission and testing have been answered here:

  4. Doni

    Hello i am a male 26 years old. Had exposure 7 weeks ago and been having anxiety about waiting to get tested at the 3 months and 6 months mark. And i want to know is it neccerry to get tested after 6 months and have there been any false negative after 6 months?

  5. Charlotte Walker

    If you have put yourself at risk of HIV then you should test 6-12 weeks after the exposure. For more information on testing please follow this link

  6. Ridhi

    I had unprotected vaginal sex with a sex worker, should I test after 3 months?


  7. Charlotte Walker

    The helpline is for information about HIV treatments or living with HIV. The information on testing is al on the website already and your question is answered there several times. Depending on the test you have it is accurate at different times. All tests are accurate at 12 weeks.

  8. balu

    Will a test be detectable from 6th week after exposure. Is the 10th week good? Is the 12t week accurate? Is it better to contact helpline for information?