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How can I get my CD4 count to increase?

Hi – what can I do to help increase my CD4? I have just found out I am at undetectable level after 8 weeks on treatment which is great. my CD4 has gone from 95 to 166 (after 4 weeks) and is now 173 after 8 weeks. I know it can take time for the CD4 to recover when the base level is low as mine but I am still disheartened as I was really hoping for it to have rebounded a bit better than this. What can I do to help it increase? Many thanks for your advice.


Thank you for your question.

Your CD4 count is doing really well and increasing nicely. Most people take 6-12 months for their CD4 counts to increase significantly. You are doing really well and have nothing to feel disheartened about.

There is very little anyone can do to increase their CD4 counts accept using HIV treatment which you are already doing. However, there are some things that you can do to maintain your CD4 count and ensure it stays up. This includes eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, not getting stressed out, not smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation and generally looking after yourself.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Ed,

    There are a lot of forums out there that are specially for people who are living with HIV. Have you thought about using one of these? They can be a safe place to meet others who are positive, and to share experiences. Depending on where it is that you live, there may also be support groups that you can attend in person.

  2. Ed

    Would love to talk to other people that have this. It has been 30 years for me.

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Mala,

    Are you on ARVs? If you aren’t its very important that you start ARVs. You should also follow the advise that’s in this link:


    Only meds can help a person control their HIV.

  4. mala

    My CD4 is 16, how can I improve it?

  5. Simon Collins

    Hi Mercy, if your viral load is undetectable, your partner will not catch HIV from you. It also means it is safe for you to have a baby together. Please talk to your doctor about your worries. Please also see questions 6 and 9 on this page:

  6. Mercy

    I have a partner who is negative and l am positive. We want to have a baby together. My viral load is undetectable and my cd4 count was 555 in August during my last test. I am scared as l don’t want to infect him. He knows about my status and have accepted me the way l am. Thank you h


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