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Which countries that do not allow HIV positive people to visit?

Can you please name a few countries who do not allow hiv +ve people? What about Saudi Arabia ?


The two main countries are USA and Russia.

Russia, however, requires an HIV test only if you apply for a multiple entry visa or working visa, which is common for many countries. As for the USA, you can officially apply for a special visa if you are HIV-positive, but this can be a difficult and humiliating procedure. Approval is not guaranteed, and if they decline, your passport is stamped as such. Additionally, tourism or visiting relatives is not considered a valid reason for the visa.

Further information on the legislation of the different countries is published at the following link:


It is important to recognise that what countries have on paper is impossible to enforce in practice. Even when countries say that HIV is a bar to entry, and even if they maintain the right to test you, this very rarely happens unless they have a reason to think you are HIV-positive.

Even the US policy doesn’t stop thousands of HIV-postive people each year traveling for holidays and business.

It becomes more complicated if you are on treatment, as your meds could imply your status if they were found by border control or immigration.

For this reason some people:


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Edler,

    If you are resident in the UK, treatment for HIV and sexual health is free.

  2. edler

    what if a person wants to study in Uk do he get treatment there during the course of learning

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Fungai,

    HIV is not a health condition that needs to be declared when you are visiting the UK. Therefore, yes you can come and visit. You being positive isn’t a problem.

  4. Fungai

    I want to know, does the United Kingdom allows visitors who are living with HIV to visit your country?

  5. Chris

    Try again to get the EATG web site to appear:

  6. Chris Green

    Perhaps the most comprehensive, up-to-date (and maintained) reference on this is the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG)’s Travel Restrictions web site . You may wish to check this…


  7. Hamish

    There is also another reference, an Australian agency has just produced this pocket travellers guide.

    A very informative publication.



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