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How long can someone live with HIV?

How long can a man live with HIV if he was around 18 years old and was healthy when he was infected, both with and without medication?


Answer: Web Admin

This is a very good question, but no-one can predict how long another person will live.

Many issues that need to be taken into account and yet you still will only get a guess for an average age. These include socioeconomic factors, which country you live in, income, lifestyle (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, exercise and diet), access to health care, other infections like hepatitis, genetics and chance – good or bad luck.

However, there was a good study published in the Lancet, in the 26 July 2008 issue, that looked at life expectancy for HIV positive people. It provided robust and compelling results from a large cohort of HIV positive people from developed countries, that life expectancy is very good, and near to an HIV-negative person.

They reported that a 20-year-old individual starting HAART could expect to live for another 43 years on average. A 35-year-old could expect 32 more years of life. One of the comments by an Australian scientist was


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Garrey,

    Do you know what your mothers CD4 count is? Has she started treatment? Is she getting any support?

    If you think that she may have had HIV for a long time, you will need to test. Only testing can say if a person is positive or not.

  2. garrey

    my mom, recently she is diagnosed with HIV. she’s 49 yrs old (life shattering news) . and m 20 yrs old now. is it possible that I’ve also got it?

  3. charles

    you can espect to live a normal life, all the new studies are saying that the expectation of life of someone infected, its almost the same of someone non infected.
    allways you are on traetment

  4. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Carter,

    ARVs in most countries are free. However, in others you would need health insurance. If you could tell me which country you live in, I’ll be able to help you.

  5. Carter Love

    Also are ARVs and other HIV prevention drugs expensive ?

  6. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Carter,

    HIV is now a very manageable health condition, and one that is easy to treat. If you other tests confirm that you’re positive, please get back in touch. In the mean time a lot of question that you may have are covered here:



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