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Can I use herbal sinus treatment with my ARVs?

I am on Truvada, ritonavir and atazanavir. from time to time I get painful sinusitis and need to take antibiotics, which isn’t great. Prior to diagnosis I used to take a herbal supplement which really helped my sinuses but I am unsure if I can still take it because of a possible interaction of the herbs with the ARVs above.

The supplement uses these herbs:


Am I allowed to take this supplement? Is there any risk of interactions?

Also, what is good for sinusitis?



Thank-you for your question. As with any medications, including herbal remedies, you should tell your doctor if you intend to use this supplement.

Two of the ingredients- echinacea and garlic- in this remedy may have an effect on your treatment. These ingredients could alter the levels of atazanavir / ritonavir absorbed by your body. If you do want to try taking this supplement again your doctor may want to monitor your drug levels. This can be done with a test called Theraputic Drug Monitoring (TDM).

I’m not an expert on sinusitis so I’m afraid I can’t suggest alternative preventions. The NHS has a page about sinusitis which suggests some options. Again, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any treatment that may affect your ARVs.


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