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Can I take goldenseal with Atripla?



Goldenseal is a herbal product which is also known as yellow root.

As with many herbal products, goldenseal is known to affect the absorption of various drugs, and this could include HIV drugs. I could not find studies or reports relating to Atripla but this does not mean that there is no interaction, just that it has not been studied.

There is also no data that shows whether it is effective as a treatment for anything. So there is a possibility it could affect your treatment, or increase side effects, without doing you any benefit.

The list of the reported uses are nearly all possible to e treated by effective drugs that are supported by research studies.

Please tell your doctor if you are taking or want to take goldenseal, in case other treatment would be more effective. Your doctor and/or pharmacist would be able to discuss an interaction in more detail, or to monitor you more carefully if you decide to use herbal products as well as HIV meds.

There is more information about goldenseal on the NCCAM website..


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