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Can omega-48 help with HIV?

Can omega-48 cure or reduce the viral load of hiv?


No. There are NO herbal products that reduce viral load and NONE that cure HIV.

Currently, ARVs are the only way to reduce viral load to undetectable.

This enables your CD4 count to increase, and for you to stay health and live for many.

If this company is suggesting this can help with HIV they are lying. Companies that talk about immune-boosting herbs are messing with your head. They are lying and deceitful.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Trudie,

    You don’t need to drink omega. However, foods that contains omega 3’s are good for a persons health.

  2. Trudie

    Why must we drink omega?

  3. Rebecca McDowall

    Hi Tash,

    No, aloe vera products do not fight HIV. The only treatment for HIV is ARVs.

    Please follow this link for information about HIV and pregnancy.

  4. Tash

    Do aloe vera products realy help strenghen imunity and fight HIV? And id love to know the best thing ican do for a healthy pregnancy and baby as an Hiv positive women whose not on treatment. Mycd4 count is 500 thank u


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