i-Base advocacy courses

i-Base sometimes runs advocacy training courses. The resources from the last courses held with the African Outreach Project at i-Base have been kept online as a resource.

Course materials

One course was for young people and one was for adults living and affected by HIV. Both courses will run for seven weeks, with participants attending a two and a half hour session each week.

The sessions for young adults ran from Tuesday from 14 September 2010 through 26 October 2010. The adult course ran every Thursday from 16 September 2010 through to 28 October 2010.

The training materials used for this programme were compiled by HIV-positive advocates.

The format was very simple: we took time to focus on key aspects of HIV treatment, using non-technical language. It was designed to give participants a clear understanding of these issues and to feel more confident when talking about their own health. The sessions included presentations, informal group discussions and quizzes.

Aim of training

The aim of the HIV Treatment Programme is to improve treatment literacy.

Understanding and completing the course will give the participants a good grasp of most of the core issues involved in HIV and its treatment.

They will gain an understanding of the science behind how HIV develops and how treatment works.


The training programme includes the following modules

  • Immune system and CD4 count,
  • Virology, HIV and viral load
  • Introduction to antiretrovirals (ARVs)
  • Side effects of ARVs
  • Opportunistic Infections and co-infections
  • HIV and pregnancy
  • Drug users and HIV
  • Clinical trials and research

Programme materials

All training material are included for each module, including pre-meeting reading material.

These workshops are free to community participants.

Course requirements:

  • Compelling interest in HIV care
  • Interest in learning as an active member of the group
  • Commitment to attend the full course

Participants will be provided with certificates if they complete the course.

For further information, and if you are interested in participating in future courses or running a course with your organisations, please contact i-Base.