ART in pictures: HIV treatment explained (June 2017)

ART in pictures June 2017 coverAlso in Russian.

NOTE: this links to the latest update (2021).

A new i-Base resource explaining HIV and ART.

This 32-page publication explains HIV and treatment (ART) by using six simple pictures.

Each picture is first explained with a brief summary explaining the idea. It is then followed by a more detailed explanation.

The text is written using plain everyday language, even when explaining technical and medical terms. A glossary is also included.

Key chapters are:

  • Your immune system when not on treatment (ART)
  • The HIV lifecycle
  • Natural history of HIV when not on ART
  • HIV after starting ART
  • Drug levels and adherence
  • The viral reservoir
  • The HIV cure puzzle
  • Understanding test results

ART in pictures RUSSIAN coverThis is a book for anyone who is HIV positive and who wants to understand how HIV treatment works. It is also a training resource for advocates and health workers.

The resource was developed with HIV positive people including advocates at HIV i-Base, Positively UK and Project 100.

This resource has also been translated into Russian by ITPCru:

АРТ в картинках: Доступно о лечении ВИЧ – PDF (1.3 Mb)

First edition (June 2017): ISBN: 978-0-9553619-1-3.