CD4 and viral load results

These blood tests monitor your health and your response to treatment.

  • CD4 count – This test checks your immune system.
  • CD4% – This is similar to the CD4 count but is often more stable.
  • Viral load – This test measures the amount of HIV in a sample of blood. It is used to decide when you need to start treatment, and whether the treatment is working effectively.

Even rough figures are useful from your previous history and your doctor can provide you with these.

The lowest CD4 count and highest viral load results when you were first diagnosed and before you started treatment are the most important.

In 2021, routine monitoring might only involve a viral load test every six months and a CD4 count once every 1-2 years. This is only if your viral load is undetectable and if your CD4 count is above 500 cells/mL. Otherwise, more frequent testing will be important.

Download CD4 and viral load results PDF (29Kb)

Record sheet to record date, CD4, CD4% and viral load

Last updated: 1 August 2021.