Non-ARV drugs

Some non-HIV drugs are active against HIV.

These drugs are approved for other uses and can be prescribed on a named patient basis.

However, it would be very rare to use these now because better HIV drugs are now available.

This list is included from earlier versions of this booklet, in case they are relevant.

PEG Interferon (Interferon alpha): A once-weekly injectable hepatitis C drug. Anti-HIV activity (and side effects) increase with the dose used (as with regular interferon alpha).

Gm-CSF: A drug used to boost your immune system, reduced the risk of new illnesses in people with a CD4 count less than 50 cells/mm3.

foscarnet:  A CMV drug with anti-HIV activity that may resensitise AZT-resistant virus. This has been used annecdotally for short periods (2-4 weeks) to reduce viral load before starting a new regimen. Foscarnet is too toxic for long-term use.

Last updated: 1 August 2021.