Buying PrEP online from the UK

Buying PrEP online

In the UK, it is legal to buy PrEP from outside the EU online, if this is for personal use. Personal use is defined as up to three months of daily PrEP.

Online TD/FTC costs about £20 – £40 + post for 30 tablets (depending on supplier). TAF/FTC is similar or a little more expensive, but can not be used by everyone

Generic PrEP contains the same meds as the brand name products but made by different companies

PrEP supplied by NHS clinics in the UK is generic. Generics approved by the US Food and Drug administration (FDA) or the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are safe to use.

Sometimes buying PrEP online might take a while for the drugs to arrive. It is best to order at least a month in advance.

You need a combined pill that contains both tenofovir (TD, TDF or TAF) and emtricitabine.  For example, you need Tenvir-EM or Ricovir-EM rather than just Tenvir or Ricovir. 

Several UK community websites have information about how and where to buy PrEP online.

Some clinics will support you and provide advice and testing if you buy PrEP online. However, the NHS is only responsible for meds that it supplies. The community websites above recommend good suppliers.

Which online suppliers can I use for PrEP?

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Up-to-date community guide on where to buy PrEP –

The following websites sell generic versions of tenofovir/emtricitabine: Tenvir EM (manufactured by Cipla) and Tavin EM (manufactured by Emcure). This is one of the formulations approved by the US FDA and the WHO.

These suppliers appear to be established suppliers for a wide range of medicines including HIV and hepatitis C drugs.

NOTE: we sometimes hear of supply issues with generic suppliers but these companies usually try very hard to resolve these. If problems occur, then first contact the company directly as often a replacement will be sent. i-Base have no direct links to these companies but please let us know if you have problems that might change our decision to list them.

Last updated: 1 November 2022.