Development of apricitabine halted without finding backer for Phase 3

On 10 May 2010, the Australian biotechnology company Avexa, announced the closure of the development programme for the nucleoside apricitabine (AVX754).

According to an earlier statement in March, initial three-week results from the study suggest activity against HIV with M184V mutation, associated with high-level resistance to 3TC and FTC.

Apricitabine is a cytidine analogue similar to 3TC and 48-week results from Phase 2b studies were presented at the HIV Congress in Glasgoew in 2008. [2]

Avexa were developing apricitabine under license from Shire Pharmaceuticals.


1. Avexa Press Statement (10 May 2010).

2. Cahn P et al. 48-week data from Study AVX-201 – A randomised phase IIb study of apricitabine in treatment-experienced patients with M184V and NRTI resistance. 9th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection Glasgow, 9–13 November 2008. Abstract O414.

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