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‘Untangling the web of price reductions’ – MSF guide

Latest edition of this quarterly pricing guide to the purchase of ARVs for developing countries, produced and updated by Médecins Sans Frontières. Although the published date is April 24th, the document includes the new GlaxoSmithKline prices, announced last week.

French and Spanish versions are currently in progress and should be ready by the time HTB is printed. The document will be included as an annex to the WHO-MSF-UNICEF-UNAIDS document “Sources and prices of selected medicines and diagnostics for people living with HIV/AIDS, May 2003” which will be released shortly.

Download the document at:

Hopkins HIV Report – May 2003

  • FDA Approves Enfuvirtide (Fuzeon, ENF, T-20
  • Enfuvirtide Access, Administration, and Patient Education
  • The Optimal Use of Enfuvirtide
  • Drug Profile: Enfuvirtide
  • More From CROI
    • New Drugs: Full Pipeline, Steady Progress
    • Progress in Pharmacology and Drug Interactions
    • Cytomegalovirus Retinitis in 2003

GMHC Treatment Issues – April 2003

  • No-Care Equals Bad Care: A Talk with Sam Bozzette
  • Testing HIV-Positive in New York City: 2001 HIV/ AIDS Surveillance Report
  • HIV Pathogenesis Reports From the 10th Retrovirus Conference
  • HAART to Heart Talk: Continued controversy over HAART-related vascular disease risk
  • ConFuzeon Reigns: More details of Roche’s T-20 distribution plan
  • A Report on the International Treatment Preparedness Summit
  • You Have HIV… And You Have AIDS: Why are so many people coming so late to care?

amfAR Global Link – April 2003

  • Global AIDS – The Private Sector Starts to Take Notice – Anne-christine d’Adesky
  • Psoriasis: Yet Another Challenge for HIV/AIDS Patients – Jeff Getty
  • Fighting for Their Health, India’s Sex Workers Mobilize – Nicole Rajani

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