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New PENTA website

The European paediatric trials network PENTA has a new website:

HIV infection and oral sex

Laurence Peiperl, MD, and Tom Coates, PhD

Detailed transcription from a roundtable discussion assessing the evidence on the risks of HIV infection from oral sex.

BMJ Press releases

Five press releases of general interest to trial reporting, and industry roles with doctors and community, with links to related articles in BMJ No 7400 Volume 326. All BMJ site articles are free in full text.

  1. Concern that research sponsored by drug companies is biased
  2. Drug treatment likely to be based on biased evidence
  3. Weekly contact with drug reps linked to unnecessary prescribing
  4. Medical profession attempts to “clean up” relations with drug industry
  5. Relations between the drug industry and patient groups should be open

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