Newsletters and reports: IAPAC Monthly

June 2003 includes:

  • Atazanavir gets FDA Advisory Committee’s thumbs-up
  • 31% of African TB now due to HIV epidemic
  • NIAID comments on AACTG Study A5095
  • Time to scale up the fight against AIDS in Europe

May 2003 issue includes:

  • Retro Part 2: Heartbreaks and STIs
  • Retro Part 2: Lopinavir’s metabolic effects in men without HIV
  • Retro Part 2: Some renal risk with tenofovir?

April 2003 includes:

  • Retro Part 1: A suite of new therapies (or, my funny valentine)

March 2003 includes:

  • How HIV voluntary testing can contribute to TB control
  • About Tuberculosis
  • Smallpox vaccination and the patient with HIV/AIDS

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