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Interview with Zachie Achmat

Achmat and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) have led the campaign on the streets, in a bid to force a change in government policy on the treatment of HIV/Aids.

WHO and HAI launch new pricing study

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Action International (HAI) announce the release today of Medicine Prices, a pricing manual outlining how to collect and analyse data for 30 widely-used medicines.

Email the Documentation Centre at WHO EDM to obtain a copy:

Data from the pilot studies will be available on HAI’s web site:

Indian drug-maker leads the charge for low-cost AIDS drugs

amfARs ‘Treat Asia’ – March 2003

Interview with Cipla CEO Yusuf Hamied

Predicting the public health impact of antiretrovirals: preventing HIV in developing countries

Sally M. Blower and Paul Farmer

Researchers from UCLA and Harvard Medical School argue, that antiretrovirals should be considered as a prevention tool and not simply as a therapeutic tool.

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