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The AIDS Reader

From Vol13 No7

NNRTI choice: has 2NN changed our practice?
Graeme J. Moyle
Has 2NN settled any arguments? Did one of the drugs win?

Triple diagnosis: dual diagnosis and HIV disease, Part 1
Antoine B. Douaihy and others
Substance use disorders and psychiatric illness commonly co-occur in what is known as dual diagnosis. With the spread of HIV infection in persons with dual diagnoses, the triple diagnosis has emerged as a clinically challenging condition for primary care physicians, addiction medicine specialists, and psychiatrists.

Patients who want to stop their medications: treatment interruption in HIV infection
Susan C. Bal


When should antiretroviral therapy be started for HIV infection? Interpreting the evidence from observational studies
Andrew Phillips and others. AIDS 2003; 17(13):1863-1869

Decreased bone mineral density in HIV-infected patients is independent of antiretroviral therapy
Dario Bruera and colleagues. AIDS 2003; 17(13):1917-1923

Clinically relevant interpretation of genotype for resistance to abacavir
The authors present a new strategy for the analysis of correlation between genotype profile at baseline and virologic response.
AIDS 17(12) 2003


Structured treatment interruption in patients with multidrug-resistant HIV
Jody Lawrence and others
NEJM, Vol 349:837-846, Aug 28, 2003, Number 9


Effect of antioxidants on glucose metabolism and plasma lipids in HIV-infected subjects with lipoatrophy
Grace McComsey and others
JAIDS, Journal of AIDS 2003; 33(5):605-607

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