Atazanavir ‘named-patient’ access extended in the UK and includes 150mg capsule

Atazanavir, is a once-daily protease inhibitor from Bristol-Myers Squibb that was approved in the US in June 2003. The UK expanded access programme quickly enrolled, and unlike other countries the numbers for the programme were then capped.

Access has now been extended through a new Individual Patient Supply (IPS) scheme, which allows doctors to request a drug for any patient who is considered in need. Administration costs are £360 per month – the licensed price is expected to be slightly lower.

Atazanavir is now available in 200mg and 150mg capsules, to enable patients to use a 300mg QD dose boosted with 100mg ritonavir.

Atazanavir is expected to be licensed in the European Union during the first quarter of 2004.

Doctors interested in this programme should contact Dr Ian Hitchcock at Bristol-Myers Squibb on 020 8754 3684 or BMS main reception on 020 8572 7422.

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