Online videos from Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa

A selection of some of the most important and impressive educational resources, developed by the Community Media Trust in South Africa, on Khayelitsha – one of the Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa model care centres.

The topics are as relevant now as when they were first filmed.

Senator Obama meets with TAC (2006) ama-meets-with-tac

Pallllative Care at Lizo Nobbanda (2005)

PMTCT – Bongiwe M Mkhutyukellwa (2002)

Learners beat HIV (2004)

Chilldren on ARVs beat HIV (2004)

Unregulated experimentation (2005)

Special report – PMTCT, Khayelitsha Project (2000)

Beating Kaposi’s Sarcoma with treatment (2005)

Heallthcare workers and HIV (2004)

Gender based viollence (2006)

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