Medical resources

Launch of new EMA website

The European Medicines Agency has launched a new website, accessible at the same address:

New features include:

  • Quick medicine searches: Allows you to search for human and veterinary medicines by name and active substance and for herbal medicinal substances by name.
  • An online library: Enables you to search for all Agency documents currently online through a search on title and date published online.
  • Improved navigation: More intuitive labelling and improved organisation of content so that browsing is quicker for all audience groups.
  • Audience landing pages: Flags information of specific value to different key users.
  • Online calendar and news search: Allows you to keep up to date with the latest news and events at the Agency.
  • RSS feeds: Brings information straight to you as soon as it is published online.

Hepatitis C drug resistance slide set

The Forum for Collaborative HIV Research’s HCV Drug Development Advisory Group (academicians, clinicians, researchers and patient advocates) have contributed to a slide deck explaining resistance in HCV, its consequences as well as its mitigation. The slide deck explains important drug resistance concepts in HCV, including:

  • How resistance can arise before, during and after stopping therapy;
  • The mechanism of action of direct acting antivirals (DAAs) and their effects on viral kinetics and the possibility of cure;
  • How mutations lead to changes which makes the virus resistant to DAAs;
  • Viral, drug and patient factors that influence treatment outcomes.

Paediatric HIV studies: collected reports

The Southern African Journal of HIV Medecine (Vol 10, No 4; 2009) has published a collection of articles on paediatric care including by Polly Clayden, HIV i-Base. The article is available in PDF format and like all journal contents is available free online.

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