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HIV, TB and hepatitis pipeline report 2010

Treatment Action Group, now in collaboration with HIV i-Base has produced the the sixth edition of their Pipeline Report.

The 2010 report reviews the current clinical pipeline for new drugs and vaccines for HIV, hepatitis C virus, and tuberculosis, along with new sections on the hepatitis B virus pipeline and diagnostics for TB and HIV.

AIDS cure research for everyone: a beginner’s guide to how it’s going and who’s paying for it.

A review from US treatment activists who “have written this simple report to share what we have learned about the search for a cure for AIDS”.

Section one analyses the scientific and cultural landscape that affects this research and makes recommendations. The second part surveys current US research.

The report is available free online in PDF format:

RITA: Non-AIDS diagnoses and aging in people with HIV

Mark Mascolini

A report on HIV and Ageing by Mark Mascolini in this issue of RITA from the Center for AIDS in Houston.

The article includes three related interviews with Steven Grinspoon (Harvard), Carl Grunfeld (UCSF), and David Vance (UAB).


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