BHIVA guidelines for TB/HIV coinfection (2009): online for comment

The 2009 draft of the proposed BHIVA guidelines on TB/ HIV co-infection are posted online and available for comment.

These guidelines have been drawn up to help doctors manage adults with TB/HIV co-infection.   They have been extensively revised since the last edition in 2005; most sections have been amended and areas where there is a need for clinical trials or additional data have been highlighted.

The major changes/amendments include:

  • A more detailed discussion of gamma interferon tests;
  • An update of the drug interactions section and tables;
  • An updated section on choice of NNRTI;
  • A new section on isoniazid resistance and XDR;
  • Guidance on the diagnosis of IRIS;
  • New tables for management of adverse reactions.

The Guidelines Writing Group is grateful for all comments. The deadline for comments is Friday 1 May 2009.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.