Polly Clayden, Simon Collins, Colleen Daniels, Nathan Geffen, Mark Harrington, Richard Jefferys, Coco Jervis, Karyn Kaplan, Erica Lessem, and Tracy Swan.


Andrea Benzacar


Thanks to the TAG staff, board, and donors for supporting the production of the 2012 Pipeline Report.

i-Base thanks the Monument Trust and UNITAID for support for this work.

Polly Clayden thanks Shaffiq Essajee, Di Gibb, Andrew Hill, David Ripin, and Marco Vitoria.

Richard Jefferys thanks Jennifer Woolley from Aeras and Erna Balk from the Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI).

Colleen Daniels and Erica Lessem thank Lindsay Mckenna.

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