Maraviroc approved in Europe for treatment-experienced CCR5-tropic patients

On 24 September 2007, maraviroc (trade name in Europe Celsentri) was approved in Europe for treatment-experienced patients who have CCR5-tropic HIV infection. Maraviroc is a CCR5 inhibitor manufactured by Pfizer with the trade name Celsentri in Europe and Selzentry in the US.

Maraviroc is the first member of a new class of oral HIV medicines (CCR5-antagonists) and works by blocking viral entry into human cells.

EU approval of maraviroc is based on 48-week data from the two ongoing double-blind, placebo-controlled MOTIVATE clinical trials, which showed that maraviroc plus optimised background therapy (OBT) provided substantially greater viral load reduction compared to patients receiving OBT alone.

Further details and product information are in the European Public Assessment Report on the web site of the European Medicines Agency.

Celsentri – EMEA European Public Assessment Report

Source: Pfizer press release, 24 September, 2007.

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