France pledges $1.4 billion for Global Fund

Global Fund Observer

France has announced that it will contribute €1.08 billion ($1.4 billion) to the Global Fund for the Fourth Replenishment period (2014–2016).

That works out to about $467 million a year. This approximately the same as the amount France pledged for the Third Replenishment (2011–2013).

There had been fears that France would lower its contribution. However, in recent months, France tried to dispel these fears.

France has been the largest European contributor to the Global Fund. Globally, France is second only to the US, which pledged about $4.0 billion for the Third Replenishment.

It is expected that up to 5% of France’s pledge will be earmarked for capacity-building activities in Francophone countries aimed at improving the effectiveness and health impact of Global Fund grants. France started this practice in 2011.

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