WHO Bulletin: TB special issue

Volume 85, Number 5, May 2007, 325-420

Special theme: tuberculosis control; Promising new tools for prevention, detection and cure; How reliable are the data?; The Global Drugs Facility; Barriers to completing treatment; Russian region reports progress; Public health classic: lessons from the past; Interview: Jorge Sampaio, UN special envoy to Stop TB

Contents include:

  • The international TB control targets
  • The new Stop TB Strategy and the Global Plan to Stop TB, 2006–2015
  • Fast action urged to halt deadly TB; Russian oblast is model in fight against TB; New tools for an old disease
  • Financing tuberculosis control: the role of a global financial monitoring system
  • Planning to improve global health: the next decade of tuberculosis control
  • The Global Drug Facility: a unique, holistic and pioneering approach to drug procurement and management
  • Roles of laboratories and laboratory systems in effective tuberculosis programmes – John Ridderhof et al.
  • Did we reach the 2005 targets for tuberculosis control?
  • Targets for tuberculosis control: how confident can we be about the data?

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