Access to Abbott drugs in Thailand

The issue of drug pricing and access to the new formulation of lopinavir/r (Kaletra) in Thailand continues to run (see the last two issues of HTB).

The links below are to recent coverage of this issue on

Thailand will stand by decision to issue compulsory licenses, Health Minister says (3 May)

U.S. trade representative places Thailand on priority watch list in annual report (1 May)

U.S. Ambassador to Thailand urges government to negotiate on drug pricing, compulsory licensing with U.S. drug companies (25 April)

Abbott offers to sell Aluvia in Thailand at discounted price (23 April)

Thailand will maintain compulsory licenses for Kaletra, efavirenz, despite price reductions, Health Minister says (16 April)

Abbott refuses invitation for second round of talks with Thai government over compulsory licensing of antiretroviral Kaletra (10 April)

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