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A selection of important HIV journals articles with free online access.

Early HIV infection in the United States: a virus’s eye view
Hallett TM
Tim Hallett reflects on the practical significance of new research by Erik Volz and colleagues on the influence of early HIV infection on disease epidemic dynamics.

HIV-1 transmission during early infection in men who have sex with men: a phylodynamic analysis
Volz EM et al.
Erik Volz and colleagues use HIV genetic information from a cohort of men who have sex with men in Detroit, USA to dissect the timing of onward transmission during HIV infection.

Incident HIV during pregnancy and postpartum and risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Drake AL et al.
Alison Drake and colleagues conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis to estimate maternal HIV incidence during pregnancy and the postpartum period and to compare mother-to-child HIV transmission risk among women with incident versus chronic infection.

Provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling for children
Davies MA, Kalk E
Mary-Ann Davies and Emma Kalk reflect on recent research by Rashida Ferrand and colleagues into barriers to provider-initiated HIV testing for older children in Zimbabwe.

Safety of pediatric HIV elimination: the growing population of HIV- and antiretroviral-exposed but uninfected infants
Mofenson LM, Watts DH
Lynne Mofenson and Heather Watts discuss the context and implications of the study by J. Sibuide and colleagues, which provides a detailed analysis of birth defects in infants with in utero antiretroviral drug exposure in the French Perinatal Cohort.

Association between prenatal exposure to antiretroviral therapy and birth defects: an analysis of the French perinatal cohort study (ANRS CO1/CO11)
Sibiude J et al.
Jeanne Sibiude and colleagues use the French Perinatal Cohort to estimate the prevalence of birth defects in children born to HIV-infected women receiving antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy.

HIV monoclonal antibodies: a new opportunity to further reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission
Voronin Y et al.
Yegor Voronin and colleagues explore how monoclonal antibodies against HIV could provide a new opportunity to further reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV and propose that new interventions should consider issues related to implementation, feasibility, and access.

Changes in HIV incidence among people who inject drugs in Taiwan following introduction of a harm reduction program: a study of two cohorts
Huang Y-F et al.
Kenrad Nelson and colleagues report on the association between HIV incidence and exposure to a national harm-reduction program among people who inject drugs in Taiwan.

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