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AIDS Journal

An updated systematic overview of triple combination therapy in antiretroviral-naive HIV-infected – Bartlett JA and colleagues. Effects of metformin and tosiglitazone in HIV-infected patients with hyperinsulinemia and elevated waist/hip ratio – Kathleen Mulligan J and colleagues. PLoS Medicine (Volume 3(12) December 2006)

Antiretroviral therapy on intestinal lymphoid tissues in HIV infection  –  Ronald S. Veazey, Andrew A. Lackner

Lack of mucosal immune reconstitution during prolonged treatment of acute and early HIV-1 infection  –

Impaired HCV-Specific T cell responses and recurrent HCV in HIV coinfection  –  Kim AY et al.

Cost-effectiveness of male circumcision for HIV prevention in a South African setting  –  Kahn JG et al.

HIV-1 viral load assays for resource-limited settings: clades matter  –  Preiser W et al.

HIV-1 Viral Load Assays for Resource-Limited Settings: Authors’ Reply  –  Susan A. Fiscus

Enrolling adolescents in research on HIV: young women must be included  –  de Kock A et al.

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