WHO EURO releases European clinical protocols for HIV/AIDS care and the report of the consultation on criminalisation of HIV/AIDS (2006)

On 1 December the WHO released eleven European Clinical Protocols for HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care:

  1. Patient evaluation and Antiretroviral treatment for Adults and Adolescents
  2. Management of Opportunistic Infections and General Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
  3. Palliative Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS
  4. Management of Tuberculosis and HIV Coinfection
  5. HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care for Injecting Drug Users
  6. Management of Hepatitis C and HIV Coinfection
  7. Management of Hepatitis B and HIV Coinfection
  8. Prevention of Hepatitis A, B, C and other Hepatotoxic Factors in People Living with HIV/AIDS
  9. Support for Sexual and Reproductive Health in People Living with HIV/AIDS
  10. Prevention of HIV Transmission from HIV Infected Mothers to their Infants
  11. Paediatric HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care (forthcoming)
  12. Immunisation of People Living with HIV/AIDS and People at Risk of HIV Infection
  13. Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Infection (forthcoming)

All the Protocols can be accessed and downloaded at:

A technical consultation on the criminalisation of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections held in Copenhagen on 16 October 2006. The Report is accessible at: PDF file [516 Kb]

The press release from WHO EURO on the occasion of the World AIDS Day 2006 is available at:

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