Clinton price for new paediatric treatment

The Clinton Foundation announced a deal with Cipla and Ranbaxy to make 19 antiretroviral products available for treating paediatric HIV at an average price of $60 a year.

The statement from the foundation says that these prices will be available to 62 developing countries and will make treatment possible for an additional 100,000 people in 2007.

$15 million from the Clinton Foundation and a further $35 million grant Unitaid, a drug purchasing consortium, formed in September by France, Brazil, Chile, Norway and the UK, will be combined to assure the Indian generic companies sufficient volume of drug sales to justify the lower prices.

Antiretroiral products to be purchased include new fixed dose combinations (FDCs) Pedimune and Triviro-LNS kids for older children (see HTB volume 7 number 9 page 15-16).

These formulations still need to be licenced and pre-qualified by the WHO.

The WHO has produced simple dosing tables for each product for children based on weight bands:

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