UK community campaign calls for NHS England to be accountable for PrEP timeline

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The increasing frustration over lack of NHS access to PrEP, has lead to a communty campaign calling for the NHS to stick to it’s already delayed timeline for access. [1]

These concerns are especially important given that the UK PROUD study reported such dramtically protective results almost 18 months ago in October 2014. [2]

The campaign calls for NHS England to open an immedaite public consultation, in order for the decision over PrEP to be taken at a meeting in June 2016. There is urgent concern about how further delays might impact on whether PrEP is made available in England.

The campaign is calling for people to email a letter via the campaign website to Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England to ask him to make the consultation available immediately.


  1. NAT Campaign. Write to the CEO of NHS England about PrEP.
  2. UK PROUD study to provide PrEP to all participants earlier than expected: planned follow-up to continue to two years. (14 October 2014). HTB December 2014.

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