Fit for purpose (July 2017)

Fit for purpose: Antiretroviral treatment optimisation for adults and children. HIV i-Base. July 2017This year’s edition of Fit for purpose has expanded.

We include treatment for children as well as adults in our annual review of optimised antiretroviral treatment (ART).

We have also included reviews of the HIV pipeline for both adults and children.

A full version of the adult HIV pipeline, reporting research studies in detail for each drug, is also available.


Fit for purpose (2017): A supplement of HTB South, 2017. ISSN 2046-9373

Thanks to Elaine Abrams, Carolyn Amole, Marta Bof to, Angela Colbers, Simon Collins, Paul Domanico, Charles Flexner, Andrew Hill, Saye Khoo, Shahin Lockman, Gary Maartens, Mark Mirochnick, Michelle Moorhouse, Anton Pozniak, David Ripin, Celicia Serenata, Kenly Sikwese, Francois Venter, Marco Vitoria and Melynda Watkins.

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