Recent peer-review studies

Long-term immune response to yellow fever vaccination in HIV-infected individuals depends on HIV-RNA suppression status: Implications for vaccination schedule. Olivia Veit et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases; cix960 (11 November 2017).
Important link between vaccine efficacy and undetectable viral load (rather than just CD4 count).

The importance of HIV research for transgender and gender non-binary individuals. Gianella S et al. (08 November 2017). Clinical Infectious Diseases; cix990
Paper highlighting importance and need for this research.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) event rates in HIV-positive persons at high predicted CVD and CKD risk: A prospective analysis of the D:A:D observational study. PLoS Medicine 14(11):e10024 (24 November 2017).
The importance of monitoring CVD and CKD together.

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