09 February 2018: vol 19 no 3

The third issue of HTB in 2018 features antiretroviral news, reviews of studies about drug pricing and HIV and pregnancy and two new guidelines online for comment.

We lead with approval in the US of the integrase inhibitor bictegravir, in a fixed dose combination (FDC) with emtricitabine and TAF and of a generic FDC using a lower dose of efavirenz.

Regulatory decisions for the EU are expected later this year.

In the UK, pricing is likely to drive access – when the two largest HIV manufacturers will both have single-pill, once-daily, integrase-based FDCs.

A new review of drug pricing highlights again the difference between manufacturing cost and pricing, even for generic drugs.

We also report the launch of a large new study of ART in pregnancy, that includes dolutegravir, and, notably both TAF and TDF despite a recent (flawed) review in the BMJ calling for a return to AZT. Plus a new review about ART safety, where we also question some of the conclusions.

Two new UK guidelines from BHIVA are online for comment: UK standards of care and the HIV pregnancy guidelines. Both are updating previous versions from five years ago.

Finally, we highlight online resources that bring together a range of interviews, experiences and blogs from diverse activist involved in HIV care.

STOP PRESS: plus news that an NHS clinic in London will now prescribe generic PrEP…

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