TAGline Spring 2018

TAGline – Spring 2018 newsletter

Moving beyond achingly slow trends

Newsletter from Treatment Action Group, NY about activism that successfully defends or advances vital research or policy.

This issue has a focus on some important recent successes and challenges in moving beyond slow trends and sharply bending the curves on new HIV, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis infections, suffering, and deaths.

  • Bend the Curves: Activism and the Elimination of HIV, HCV, and TB, by Tim Horn
  • The Usual Suspects: Common Challenges for EtE Planning and Implementation in Emerging Jurisdictions, by Jeremiah Johnson
  • New York State EtE Campaign Update: Successes & Challenges, by Jeremiah Johnson
  • The Role of Vaccines and Cures in HIV Elimination, by Richard Jefferys
  • It’s Up to You, New York: Moving towards HCV Elimination in the Empire State, by Annette Gaudino
  • Global HCV Elimination Targets and Challenges: An Interview with Andrew Hill, by Bryn Gay & Annette Gaudino
  • From Moscow to New York and Beyond: The Future of Tuberculosis Research and Development, by Safiqa Khimani and Mark Harrington
  • The United Nations’ Back Yard: TB Elimination in New York State and the U.S., by Erica Lessem
  • In a State of Disunion: HIV, TB, and HCV Elimination Policies and Priorities Under the Trump Administration, by Suraj Madoori

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