US study tracks kidney transplant results from HIV positive donors

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

On 8 May 2018, the US NIH issued a press release to highlight the start of a new transplant study to HIV positive recipients that includes using HIV positive donor organs. [1, 2]

The HOPE in Action Multicenter Kidney Study is an open label study of 160 kidney transplants at 16 transplant centres. All transplant recipients will be HIV positive and half will be paired with HIV positive donors and half with HIV negative donors as a control group.

This is not a blinded study and all participants will know the HIV status of the organ donor.

This is the first US study to study HIV positive donors transplants and is only made possible after the HOPE (HIV Organ Policy Equity) Act of 2013 removed the previous ban on HIV positive donors (even if all parties consented).

Further details are included in the clinical trials register, while strangely lists the study to include 360 participants. [3]


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