AIDS 2018 online: links to selected webcasts

The following selected webcasts can be accessed in various ways.

AIDS 2018 also has several YouTube channels and the conference programme includes a video link for most sessions. This links to the whole session, rather than to individual presentations. 

AIDS 2018 live 

This link included the opening and closing ceremonies, press conferences and informal interviews are also webcast on YouTube from a variety of links.

President Clinton Keynote Address

Bill Clinton drew huge crowds for his hour-long address during closing ceremony, at least some of which was given over to several extended community protests. A leading statesman who has had a huge impact on global access to ART through strategically supporting initiatives to lower prices for better drugs.

Putting HIV science into the criminal justice system: Impacting lives
Allan Maleche, KELIN, Kenya

Talk by social and civil rights lawyer on successfully fighting criminalisation laws in Africa by the recipient of the Elizabeth Taylor Human Rights Award at AIDS 2018.

Partner study results

As important to see the audience repsonse to this dataset that supports the understanding that U=U.

Robert Suttle

US activist with SERO project and victim of US HIV criminalisation laws.

iFara interviews from AIDS 2018

Several dozen interviews by US iFara activist web coverage.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.