Selected webcasts at CROI 2019

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Comprehensive webcasts from all oral presentations and plenary talks make CROI one of the most accessible conferences.

Talks are available and video or audio format, with or without slides.

The following presentations are recommended from this years meeting.

The challenges of HIV treatment in an era of polypharmacy
David Back. Oral abstract 120. (webcast)

Can two drugs tango: the role of dual therapy
Laura Waters. Oral abstract 161. (webcast)

Chemsex and implications for HIV transmission and management
Mark Rohan Pakianathan. Oral abstract 64. (webcast)

Tobacco smoking: the silent killer
Lene Ryom. Oral abstract 66. (webcast)

Obesity: a growing problem in antiretroviral therapy
John R. Koethe. Oral abstract 158. (webcast)

Update on antiretroviral drugs and birth defects
Lynne Meryl Mofenson (webcast)

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