What is Armenicum?

Armenicum is an anti-HIV therapy currently being studied in Armenia and other countries from the former Soviet Union.

The product is supposed to have been developed as part of an anti-germ/chemical warfare inoculation for Soviet troops. After the break up of the Soviet Union, the Armenian facility that developed the inoculations fell into disuse, and its ‘products’ became the property of the Armenian government. Armenicum was one of these products. At some point, the antiviral properties of Armenicum were ‘discovered.’ However, there is no data available to suggest any in vitro or in vivo anti-HIV activity. Anecdotal information reports that several Americans have taken this therapy including two men from San Francisco. The dosing regimen was similar to that of IL-2. The product was given by infusion for several hours each day for five days. Then after a three-week interruption, the process was repeated three more times. The reported side effects were similar to those reported for IL-2 therapy: fever, chills, aching and fatigue. At latest report, the two San Francisco men have had no positive response to therapy.

Source: Excerpts From Hotline Memos of April 2000, Project Inform.

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